General Knowledge

Automotive Repairs & Servicing
Daley’s Auto Service specializes in auto maintenance from oil changes, to tire rotations, even large repairs concerning parts such as your transmission. Our staff are both friendly and helpful when it comes to your vehicle and its needs.
Safety Inspections
At Daleys we have certified technicians to ensure that your vehicle is safe and road worthy.
Brakes are arguably the most important part in your care. Its always good to make sure that your brakes are in proper working order to ensure they don’t need repair and to avoid an accident or injury. A Daley’s we will thoroughly inspect your entire brakes and explain the service(s) if we recommend any at the time of your inspection.
Due to our changing climate here in Canada our exhaust systems are particularly susceptible to weathering and damage. Your exhaust is exposed to stones, dirt, snow, salt and other road hazards. If your exhaust needs repair you could be in a situation where you will notice increased fuel consumption.
Electrical Diagnostics
If you find that your lights are not working or another electrical component is not working in your vehicle come on by and let us have a look. At Daley’s we have everything necessary to investigate further and assist you.
Engine Light
For most of us the engine light creates a cause for concern, which can lead to a great deal of stress. Don’t be alarmed. Allow one of our certified technicians to diagnose the issue. The issue could be as simple as tightening your gas cap.
Tire Installation & Balancing
Checking your tires regularly is crucial for stopping and turning safely. As tire replacements can often be unexpected and expensive, we suggest that your balance and have a wheel alignment done every so often to ensure everything is in working order.